Looking for an Additional Team Member for GalettaPrepares

We are making good progress toward having the Hall supported with an Emergency Generator. Early in 2024 we need to make progress in the area of engaging the Galetta Community in preparing for emergencies. That work will include an outreach to the community

We are looking for a volunteer to join our GalettaPrepares team member with responsibilities that would include:

  • Assisting in developing a plan to improve Galetta residents’ awareness of the need to prepare for emergencies.
  • Surveying residents to determine the needs of the community for support during an emergency.
  • Determining the possible extent of ‘neighbours helping neighbours’ that could take place during an emergency
  • Recommending a Communications Network similar to Neighbourhood Watch or a ‘Telephone Tree’ to facilitate communications during an emergency.

....and we have a volunteer standing by to assist!

If you are interested in this community work, please contact us through:

Contact GalettaPrepares HERE