The original Community Hall in its former location on Main Street.

This main building of the  Community Centre was originally called Whyte's Hall (later Russell's Hall) and was located on Main Street (now Galetta Side Road). It has been the centre of community life in Galetta since the early 1900s when the hall hosted dancing classes, concerts, banquets and euchre parties. Especially during the Depression years, young people gathered there for an evening of entertainment provided by local talent.

The Community Hall begins its move to Russell Park.

In 1987 Russell Hall was moved from its former location on Main Street to the present location in Russell Park at 119 Darwin St.  That property was donated by the Russell family. Additional facilities were subsequently built adjoining the main building. The Donald MacHardy Lawn Bowling Greens were established in 1992 and the Rink & Sport Centre were completed in 2000.

The Hall with the  addition settles into
its new location in Russell Park

 from “Beyond our Memories”

by the Fitzroy Township Historical Society