Traveling over any distance was often a challenge during the early years in Galetta and hotels were built to support the weary travellers. A hotel often included a tavern so these facilities were also an important part of the social life of the community.

Located on Main Street (now Galetta Side Road) at the corner of Mohr's Road, Galvin’s Hotel served such a purpose in the Galetta area until it became the J.W. Dickson’s General Store and was then bought in the 1960s by Borden Russell

The use of the building lessened as other options appeared around the countryside. Needs and patterns changed and the old hotel/general store building was eventually abandoned. It’s condition deteriorated through the lack of use and maintenance and it was demolished by the early 2000s. Falling victim to an excavator and crew, the remains of the former Galvin’s Hotel ended up in the Galetta Dump before that was closed.

 from “Beyond our Memories”

by the Fitzroy Township Historical Society