Agenda: Galetta Community Association 25 September 2023

Agenda: Galetta Community Association 25 September 2023

The Galetta Tribune September 2023 Newsletter

The Galetta Tribune  September 2023 Newsletter

Councillor Kelly’s Meeting

The seven presidents of the local community associations get together with our Councillor every quarter to have a meet-and-greet and push forward any concerns or issues that need to be brought to the councillor's attention. This time around we touched on everything from ditches and drainage to windmills. I did receive the councillors assurance that windmills were at present a dead issue in West Carleton.

Clean the Capital

Here is a capital idea for everyone to get together and pick an area in our neighbourhood that is a bit of an eyesore or potential a safety hazard that could use some attention or some TLC.  Stay tuned and more info will be posted on What’s up Galetta or our Facebook page on any details or any ideas you may have for clean- up .

Boy Scouts

We would like to welcome the 1st West Carleton Scout Troop to Galetta. The girls and boys (yes it’s coed) will be meeting on Thursday nights at the community center and we are looking forward to a long and productive relationship with the scout troop.

Time to Eat Crow

The last meeting we held of the Galetta Community Association was a disaster and for that, I take full responsibility and I do apologize.
When I took over as President I thanked the lawn bowlers for their contribution in maintaining and continuing the community association and l also expressed a desire to work together with the bowlers. Throughout my term I have offered help many times in projects they were working towards also I have requested help on projects that the community center was working towards.

It is my hope that we learn to work together under the new guidelines as set out by city officials because divided we will fail together we will prosper.



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Call for Donations of Items for the Galetta Flea Market/Rummage Sale

Call for Donations of Items for the

Galetta Flea Market/Rummage Sale in October 2023.

The Galetta Community Association will again be hosting our annual “FLEA MARKET/RUMMAGE SALE” in October. Timings are:

  • Sat.Oct. 14, 8am to 1 pm:  Full price day
  • Sun.Oct. 15, 12noon to 2pm: 1/2 price day 
  • Mon.Oct.16, 6pm to 7pm: Fill a box or bag $2 per room/section.
  • Tue. Oct. 17, 9 am to 11am: FREE

We rely on the generosity of our community to supply us with product.  We are now accepting donations for our Galetta Sale.  Are you doing your Summer purge or are you downsizing, or just don’t want that stuff anymore!  

What is not being used or taking up space in your house or leftover treasures from your estate or garage sale will find a new home to others!

There is an unlocked shed to the right of the parking lot [119 Darwin St. in Galetta ]  where you can leave your donations if no one is around to help you. Please, we can not accept electronics or DVDs  as we can not test the items nor do we have the space to display them.

Lawn Bowls Club AGM

HERE is the Agenda for the Fall Annual General Meeting, which will probably be happening at  approximately 5:00 p.m. following an afternoon of Bowls

Seeking Tenders for refinishing decking, stairs and wheelchair ramp

The Galetta Community Association is tendering a contract to have the decking and stairs of the front porch the decking of the wheelchair ramp refinished. Also we would like to have the front doors and basement doors refinished.

All bids will be accepted until Fri Sept 22nd at 5 PM.



Lawn Bowls Fall Meeting - 20 September


Congratulations to our new Treasurer

Congratulations to Peter Shoup who was voted as our new Treasurer of the Galetta Community Association by our Directors.
Norm Ross
President Galetta Community Association


The August 2023 Edition of the Galetta Tribune is HERE.


Galetta’s 150th - a Brilliant Birthday

Galetta’s 150th - a brilliant birthday

By Jake Davies - West Carleton Online

 August 1, 2023

Reprinted with permission....


GCA President Norm Ross has a long list of people to thank at the 150th anniversary celebration. 

Photo by Jake Davies


The Galetta Community Association (GCA) celebrated the village’s 150th anniversary Saturday (July 29) in what might have been the biggest party ever held in Galetta in that 150 years.

The GCA, after months of planning, hosted a fun-filled afternoon on the beautiful grounds of the Galetta Community Centre known as Russell Park, attracting hundreds of visitors to enjoy kids’ games, inflatables, live music, a barbecue dinner, lawn bowling and camaraderie on what, despite early morning grey skies, turned out to be a beautiful summer day.

New residents, old residents, returning residents and a whole bunch of community friends and neighbours all dropped by to reminisce on their time in Galetta no mater how brief or how long. The GCA board is all new members this year, only accepting the positions last December. Seven months later, they’re hosting the biggest event Galetta has seen in many, many years.

“We’re trying,” GCA President Norm Ross told West Carleton Online from the front steps of the community centre the afternoon of the big party. “With COVID and everything, everyone just went in to their own little shells. We’re trying to make sure people realize, ‘we’re here, we’re open for business.’ This is supposed to be for the entire community and that’s the biggest reason we’re doing this. To bring people out here and let them see where we are and what we have to offer.”

As a first time host of a party of this size, Ross says he was a little nervous before the doors opened.

“At 3 o’clock this afternoon I was so afraid,” Ross said with a laugh. “Because the place was empty. I’m going ‘all this work and we’re going to do this for 50 people?’ Well, yes, we’re going to do it for 50 people. I’d rather do it for 500 people though. We’re sitting here now, and it’s coming up on 5 o’clock and the place is full; the kids are in the bouncy castle having fun, they’re playing their games; people are enjoying the music; Emily’s (Bahm) out there serving the food. It’s coming together and the end is in sight. Tomorrow’s going to be clean-up day, and then Monday (July 31) we’re all going to sit back and say ‘aahhhhhhh.’”

And while Saturday’s celebration was about history, Ross and the GCA are looking to the future as well.

“What we’re trying to do is, we got this going, we have very limited resources and people we can call upon,” Ross said. “The people we are calling on are awesome, I can’t believe how they’re willing to step forward and pitch-in and give us all a hand. Now our next step is bringing in programs. I’ve got one stuck in my head. It’s a fantastic idea. Wine and paint night. Trying to get something out here for the wee tots as well. This year, on hot days we’ve been using it as a cooling centre.”

Ross says the community has gotten younger recently.

“The dynamics of Galetta have changed so much over the last five years, we have to start bringing in programs like this, because there’s a lot more kids,” Ross said. “Is there ever. It’s great. This is what’s always so much fun. It’s changing and we’re trying to change with it and serve the needs.”

Another thing that has changed over the years is access to public spaces in the Village of Galetta. The two churches in the village have been residential homes for many years. The same with the convenience store from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Galetta Livestock Sales is now private property. The Galetta Community Centre is the only public space in the village.

“It’s sad to say,” Ross said. “Back in the day when I was young, it was the churches. The community associations were just coming in to being. You have to thank the City of Ottawa, because without them, we wouldn’t be able to survive. They do wonders for us. Their staff are great. Coun. Clarke Kelly is our representative out here. He’s always there for us. When we got something on the go, he’s like, ‘what can we offer you?’ It’s great. Eli (El-Chantiry) was great too. It’s great to see we have the support from the city.”

While the math might seem a little murky, Ross says the next major milestone for Galetta is only eight years away.

“I just found out, in eight years, Galetta will actually be 200-years-old,” Ross said. “What we think happened was, it was 150 years ago Galetta was incorporated. So, this is a practice run. We’re going to have another big bash and were going to take the lessons we learned here, to throw another big bash. We want to make this an annual event and turn it in to a fundraiser. We have to put our efforts in and do our own financing too. It’s never-ending. We’ve got new blood out here. We’ve got fresh ideas. We’ve got people who are enthusiastic. I’m surprised at the knowledge of the people we’re working with and how they know the ins and outs of working with the government. They’ve been a real bonus for us.”

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