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Agenda for May 29th Meeting

Agenda for May 29th Meeting at 7:00PM

  • Minutes of April meeting by Emily
  • Financial Report by Graham
  • Update on our 150th celebration by Emily
  • Update by Ken on our meeting with the city of Ottawa and our emergency preparedness plans. See: Minutes and Executive Summary
  • Update by Sue on our kitchen
  • Update on our community garden. Hopefully it is going to happen
  • New business

Councillor Kelly's News

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Galetta Tribune May 2023

Emergency Preparedness Committee. At long last our EPC met with city officials to go over plans drawn up by their chairperson Ken and his committee and frankly the city officials were impressed. Turns out the city and the province are now only just starting to get their own plans drawn up which means Galetta is miles ahead of everyone else. It looks like it’s going to be a tough slog to go forward with anything our committee has put forward but we shall persevere and keep you posted.

Community Gardens.  We have submitted our plans for a community garden to the city officials and now we wait …..and we wait…….and we wait some more. It would be a shame to see this idea fall by the wayside because Grandma Laura has some great ideas like getting the tiny tots involved and the guides and embers and maybe spark an interest in the young ones to start their own garden if not now maybe in later years. Also ,come later in the summer offer canning and preserving lessons with the harvest from our own gardens to anyone who maybe interested. I have been tinkering with the idea of listing the Galetta Community Ass as a subsidiary of Volkswagen and see if we could tap into some of that $13 billion the governments are offering VW so we could finance our gardens.

Next meeting is May 29th at 7 PM because of the Victoria Day holiday.

Thank you Norm

Galetta Tribune March 2023

It’s hard to believe that your new executive is already four months into its term and has hit the ground running with several projects in the works.
The biggest and most complex project is making our community center available in case of disaster and working in conjunction with the West Carleton Disaster Relief Ass. I strongly urge anyone with any ideas, opinions or expertise to please come to our next meeting on March 27th at 7PM. and voice your opinion.


Kitchen Upgrade
One of the things that is hindering us the most is our kitchen and its need to be upgraded. Our secretary Emily has taken on this project and has found it not to be such a daunting task as one would think but still requires a lot of sweat equity. Huge thank you sent her way for all her hard work.
150th Celebration


Galetta is 150 years old. This little hamlet has an amazing and busy history and to celebrate we are going to have a birthday bash so stay tuned for an  interesting fun event.

Community Gardens
This project has been brought up before and stalled out but this time we have a force behind it. Our friendly neighbour Laura has taken this on and is willing to organize and spearhead this venture. Imagine in these days if high food prices being able to wander over to the gardens and pick fresh vegetables that you help grow under  Laura’s expertise. If this is successful there is the possibility of expanding to harvesting wild and domestic fruit and planting herbs and spices.

We receive a lot of our funding from the city of Ottawa but to receive these funds we have to prove to the city we are making an effort to raise money on our own.  Presently we do euchre tournaments during Feb and November and we also do the world-famous Great Galetta Garage Sale in October but we could and should change our fundraising model so it isn’t so labour-intensive.

There you have it folks busy days ahead lots to do and get involved with so each and everyone is invited to come to our next meeting MARCH 27TH at 7 PM and bring your ideas and opinions.

Thank you all
Norm R

SURVEY: Rural Transportation Solutions

Rural Transportation Solutions (RTS) is conducting a survey to give residents of rural Ottawa an opportunity to provide input on your transportation needs.

Responses to this survey will help guide RTS on the development of practical and financially responsible transit solutions for rural residents. The survey results allow RTS to have a better understanding of the origin and destination of trips and their timing. The survey also provides more feedback on what residents consider to be reasonable fares.

We invite you to learn more and take the survey here.




Galetta is 150 Years Old in 2023

Galetta was named in 1873 after James Galetti Whyte who built mills on the river here. We are working on how we should celebrate this history.


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