Galetta Livestock Sales Barn was built in 1955. Owned by Norm Frazer and Art EcklestonIt, it opened in 1956 when the first section of the barn – Galetta Livestock Sales - was born. They operated it for many years. It was an excellent place for local and distant farmers to sell their livestock and a great place for buyers to purchase livestock. 

As sales grew, an extension was built by The Ontario Cattlemen’s Association in partnership with the provincial government. Part of the expansion deal was that the Cattlemen were required to have two to three sales yearly for the next 25 years. The extension accommodated the increase in the number of animals being sold - specifically during the Fall. The construction also allowed a more open-air approach to housing the cattle. 

In the Fall, when calves were being weaned from their mothers, you could hear the sound of cows mooing throughout Galetta. No one complained in this country town…It was part of what happened in Galetta and only lasted a short period. 

Ernie and Gail Smith purchased the Sale Barn in 1994, just short of the contract ending for the Cattlemen, but they continued holding the sales. As a historical note, Ernie had worked for the original owners when he was in high school. 

As small farms were being picked up by larger farms that were cash-cropping, the cattle numbers began to drop.  Mad Cow Disease also impacted the barn’s business.  But shifting and changing the direction of a business was something the Smith Family could do, and they continued with horse sales a few times a year.

The Sale Barn was sold in 2012 to Kevin Ling, an entrepreneur who had recently moved to Galetta and is now using the barn for storage.