The Galetta Tribune May 2024

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The Galetta Tribune March 2024

January Elections Here we are in March, and we are just now talking about the elections we held in January. Hard to believe how quickly time flies. Anyway, we have a new Board of Directors elected at our 2023 Annual General Meeting. I am pleased to announce that all the board members from our old executive were re-elected, and an additional six directors were added to the board to create a more diverse point of view. It is indeed heartening to see so many fresh faces sitting around the table and a relief to see all the old hands back to help keep the ship on an even keel. A list of Directors can be found on our website

Jammin Two of our brightest lights on the new Board of Directors have been holding monthly jam sessions on Sunday afternoons at our community centre and no we are not talking about doing up preserves but rather local musicians gathering to just enjoy each other's music. The gathering is small and intimate, but the talent is large. Everyone is welcome regardless of your talent level or the type of instrument you play. Even if you don't play, all are welcome to drop by and have a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the company of neighbours. Watch for notices of upcoming sessions.

Holy Flippin Pancakes Batman That's right folks, we are going to need a superhero in the kitchen on March 24th because we are having a pancake breakfast for the good people of Galetta. Five bucks will get you two pancakes with real maple syrup [supplied by Glen Needham from Needham Farms] and two sausages or two pieces of bacon, a fruit cup and coffee or tea. There will also be the Fitzroy Fire Dept joining us to give the kids a few hints on fire safety and rumour has it they may even bring their fire trucks along with them to show them off to the kids. AND an Easter egg hunt. That's right folks after filling your wee tots full of maple syrup we are sending them off on an Easter egg hunt, let’s just top off that sugar rush with some more chocolate.

Rural Summit Now you may ask, What is a Rural Summit, and you have every right to because it has been 16 years since the last one. This is your opportunity to sound off and let the good folks at city hall know your concerns. It may be anything from roads, to bylaw enforcement, to lack of internet, to school buses, to garbage pick-up, to Hydro One versus Ottawa Hydro. There will be a workshop on the 1st of June to prepare for the main summit in November. To stay on top and informed go to

To each and every one a safe and HAPPY EASTER Norm

The Galetta Tribune January 2024

The Galetta Tribune

January 2024


That’s right people. We are the proud owners of a brand spanking new Constitution!  This is in large part due to the Herculean efforts of our own Peter Shoup and a major contribution from Graham Murray.  FYI this was not an exercise by Peter and Graham to show off their mental prowess but was decreed by the provincial government that each and every community association was to have their own constitution.  It was decided that because of our special circumstances that an off the shelf document would lead to more problems than solutions.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen we have finally entered the 21st century and as of Thursday January 11 we are to have Wi-Fi at the Galetta Community Centre.  This will allow us to offer courses and hopefully some more enhanced programs (i.e. robotics!). FORWARD HO!!!!


Calling all musicians and performers and those who just love to listen: mark this date on your calendar – January 21st at 2 pm is the first of hopefully many enjoyable jam sessions at the community centre. So bring your guitars, your ukuleles, your spoons, or whatever else you might play and join in and let's all have a grand time.

Julie has promised to bring a pot of her renowned chilli so for $5.00 we will be able to enjoy a bowl of chilli and a bun.

Annual General Meeting January 22nd

That's right on Mon the 22nd of this month we will be having the community association’s annual meeting. This is everyone's opportunity to pay your annual dues and vote for a new board to lead us onto newer and bigger and better adventures.

Thank you one and all.



The Galetta Tribune December 2023 Newsletter

The Galetta Tribune  December 2023 Newsletter

November Meeting

We had another good meeting in November chaired by Terry H who kept things moving at good pace. (Thank you Terry)

One of the topics discussed was clarifying the funding of the Galetta Lawn Bowling Club. After much back and forth with city officals it was recommended that reserve funds be spent on matters in the best interest of the GCA as a whole and the community at large. With that being said we have to acknowledge once again the contribution the lawn bowling club has made in the past in maintaining the community association and keeping it active and in return we should do whatever we can to help the lawn bowlers in the maintenance of their club.


Time to dream big and imagine what it would be like to have a …… that's right you folks fill in the blanks. If there is a program or a project that you would like to see implemented here in Galetta then let us all know even if its just by posting on What’s up Galetta on Facebook

Galetta Comes Through Again

Better late than never but we finally came through for the West Carleton Food Bank to the tune of $2400. This is money raised from our Great Galetta Garage / Rummage Sale. We are happy to help ease the food insecurity stresses in our community at this time of year. It is a sad commentary on our times that this help is so badly needed.

By laws and Constitution

All together now Y A W N ! ! ! Actually, that's not true. When I first got involved with the bylaws and constitution I thought this was going to be a cure for insomnia but when I finally sat down with Peter Shoup and Graham Murray who were both well into drafting a new constitution for us it was rather interesting. Cobbling together this document actually was a great civics lesson putting together the rules and regulations that will govern the Great Republic of Galetta. All that is left to do is to have the membership ratify this new constitution at a special meeting on January the 8th at 7PM (at least come out for the tea and cookies).

B.E.S.S. has been BESTED

Congratulations to our very own Councillor Clark Kelly and his staff for all their hard work in defeating the two proposed Battery Energy Storage System sites here in Galetta. This proposition has been defeated at the municipal level making it much more difficult for the proponent companies to obtain a contract with the IESO.

Christmas Decorating

Huge thank you to all the good folks that showed up on Saturday Dec 9th to give the Community Center that festive touch. There was a good representation of lawn bowlers and community members to make this project come together and we have received many positive comments on how nice the hall looks.


No, we are not talking about doing up preserves here. In my travels about our wee hamlet it is surprising the number of musicians we have in our midst. It has been suggested to me that maybe the Community Center could be open say for a Sunday afternoon and folks could come in and start jammin’ to their heart's content. Anyone could come in even if it were just to listen -- you never know we might hear everything from Mozart to country western to the blues to hillbilly rock. So, keep your ear to the ground or just read the postings on What’s up Galetta to find out what's going on.

Our Christmas Trees

Would like to extend a huge thank you to Marsha and Mark from McGowan Christmas Tree Farm for once again supplying us with our Christmas trees. Would also like to extend our appreciation to both Marsha and Mark for their strong support of the Galetta Community Association throughout the year.

Cookie Exchange

Once again Galetta did up our now famous cookie exchange. Every year it seems to grow a little bit more and just gets better and better all the time. So, congrats to Leah Dean for once again putting together another successful cookie exchange. I understand the judges are recovering nicely from their sugar rush just in time to enjoy Xmas. Would also like to extend my acknowledgement to not only Leah but also the entire Dean Clan for their support in the past years and their efforts over the past year.


There you have it folks, another edition put to bed and ready for the presses. To each and everyone I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families good health, wealth and happiness this holiday season.


Galetta Tribune - September 2023

The Galetta Tribune  September 2023 Newsletter

Councillor Kelly’s Meeting
The seven presidents of the local community associations get together every quarter to have a meet and greet and push forward any concerns or issues that need to be brought to the councillor's attention. This time around we touched on everything from ditches and drainage to windmills. I did receive the councillors assurance that windmills were at present a dead issue in West Carleton.

Clean the Capital
Here is a capital idea for everyone to get together and pick an area in our neighbourhood that is a bit of an eyesore or potential safety hazard that could use some attention or some TLC.  Stay tuned and more info will be posted on What’s up Galetta or our Facebook page on any details or any ideas for clean- up you may have.

Scouts Canada
We would like to welcome the 1st West Carleton Scout Troop to Galetta. The girls and boys (yes it’s coed) will be meeting on Thursday nights at the community center and we are looking forward to a long and productive relationship with the scout troop.

Time to Eat Crow
The last meeting we held of the Galetta Community Association was a disaster and for that, I take full responsibility and I do apologize.
When I took over as President I thanked the lawn bowlers for their contribution in maintaining and continuing the community association and l also expressed a desire to work together with the bowlers. Throughout my term I have offered help many times in projects they were working towards also I have requested help on projects that the community center was working towards.

It is my hope that we learn to work together under the new guidelines as set out by city officials because divided we will fail together we will prosper.


Galetta Tribune - August 2023

Galetta Tribune - August 2023

The Last Word

The people are all gone….the tents are down…the yard has been swept clean of all the litter…and now is the time to start getting ready for next year's event. When we have our August meeting on the 28th of this month, part of it will be dedicated to reviewing what we did right and what we could do better.  As long as the conversation is progressive and respectful, this portion of the meeting will continue so as many people as possible can contribute their opinion.

Once again we wish to express our thanks to: Power Generation, Home Hardware, Sanders Farm, McGowans Christmas Trees, M&R Feeds and Farm Supply, Hearts, The Bearded Bowler, Lynn  Howard, Rona's Arnprior and Thirty-One for all their prize donations and to the Needham Family for their kind donation of all the corn.

A special thank you to all the volunteers that showed up and made this all so possible. Special kudos go out to Emily and Rachel, whose imagination and drive pulled this all together and made it all look so easy. Also, to Raymond who kept everyone on track and looked after all the finer details and all the other tasks he took upon himself just to make sure it all came together in an orderly fashion, we give you a most sincere thank you.

I know I have missed some people who we owe our gratitude and I am sorry where I am missing anyone.

Rummage Sale

The next big event in the horizon is The Great Galetta Garage Sale. Anyone looking for treasures and bargains? Then this is the place to come. This world-renowned event is sorely lacking in items for us to flog this year so, for any donations you can make, just drop them off at the garden shed behind the garage at the community centre.  Remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure. But please, no computers or TVs because we do not have the facilities to test or display them properly.

Dog Run

Our Dog Run is a facility that has been popular in the past. The ice rink sits empty looking, lost and forlorn by itself in the summer but it makes a great place to take the pups and let the wee beasts run amuck.  They get the opportunity to burn off some energy and make new friends and, once they are rid of the ya yas, then they are ready for doggie school.

Newest Additions
Our village has grown this summer by two.  Earlier this summer Kate and Dave presented us a new addition Branden. So now Gabriel has a brother that he can teach all the ways and means around  Mum and Dad. Also, we have Holly and Andrew showing off their latest pride and joy Finley, a great addition for Liam.


......There you have it. Pretty soon the air will be alive with the sounds of bells and whistles pretend cannon fire, and the noise of great battles against all evil doers. So now is the time to practise slowing down when driving through the village keeping an eye open for future pirates and space cadets that would be looking for plunder and adventure.

Thank you all and see you at the next meeting on August 28th at 7PM



Galetta Tribune – July 2023

Galetta Tribune – July 2023

150th Birthday Bash.
Of course the lead story is the upcoming birthday party. Time is getting close and details and plans are being finalized. It is incredible the number of items and things that need to be arranged and the hours and sweat and tears that have gone into this project so far. And it is only going to get busier so, if anyone can spare a few hours before during or after the event, it would be gladly appreciated. (Contact Rachel Brace at 613 864 3725 to volunteer).

Cannot say thank you enough to Emily, Rachel, and Raymond for all your hard work and sacrifice.
And the events just keep adding up. We not only have good old-time country music... we have Irish dancers… we have vendors (if you are a vendor and would like to participate please contact Rachel Brace at 613 864 3725)… we have games …we have snow cones and pop corn… we have prizes and we have me MC’ing at least part of the event.  

We only have a limited number of tickets available for Willowmarsh BBQ and limited seating so people are allowed to bring their own picnic lunch and lawn chairs. Call Emily at: 343 777 3113 for tickets. 


Rummage Sale
In all the whirl and hubbub of birthday celebrations we have been ignoring our most famous of all Rummage Sale. As a result, donations are lagging this year but anyone coming out to our birthday bash will have the perfect opportunity to drop off any gently used items. Please remember no electronics as we do not have the room or facilities to test them. So clean out your closets empty out your garage and bring all your treasures with you when you come to the celebrations. Items can also be dropped off anytime in the garden shed behind the garage at the community center.

Kudos to Us - Neighbourhood Watch
So glad to report that this past week we scared off someone who was casing the village. Numerous reports kept coming in of a small grey silver car in the village and the occupants would be seen checking out people’s backyards. When the would be hoods were confronted they would scramble back into their car and speed away - one time actually speeding down Darwin street driving the wrong way down a one way street. After posting warnings on Facebook and What’s up Galetta the reports of stranger's activity ceased. So congratulations to all of us for a job well done or for being really good at spying on our neighbours.


Playcare for the Tots
With the humidex hitting plus 35 this past week we have been opening the community center has a cooling station.
It was Grandma Laura who struck upon the idea of having a play date with all the neighbouring kids in the community center basement. This is a great idea because, even though we all want to see our children out in the sunshine playing, they to are prone to heat or sun stroke. So yes… let’s bring them all together in a comfortable environment where they can make new fiends learn social skills and just be kids while the parents can have some adult conversation. If anyone is interested keep on eye on Facebook and all those interested can make arrangements there.


Our Webpage
In April 2022 our former web page ( was updated to a new one. Since then, everyone has been automatically forwarded to the new page at: when ever they logged on. Effective August 1st, the old web page will be taken down. So this means we have to change your bookmark to: if you are still using the former address.

There you have it folks ...another edition of The Tribune put to bed and, before I forget yet again, thanks to Sue H for putting up the Face book page at:


Galetta Tribune June 2023

Community Gardens
Unfortunately this project has to be delayed until next year so we can follow proper protocols to get approval. Responsibility for this falls squarely at my feet and no one else and for this I do apologize. Even though we technically do not need city approval to do this as it is not a permanent structure it isn’t prudent to get the reputation of being a renegade.

150th Galetta Anniversary Birthday Bash
The date is closing fast and anyone who wishes to volunteer please contact Emily at (343) 777-3113

Rummage Sale
In all the whirlwind of activity we have neglected to mention or remind people that we are still holding our annual rummage sale so any gently used items or clothes would be greatly appreciated. Please remember no electronics as we do not have the facilities to test these items nor to display them properly. All items can be dropped off in the garden shed behind the garage at the community center.

This is our biggest fundraiser if the year so any donations will be appreciated.

A quick phone call by Sue H. to city officials and it was confirmed that our community center is a licensed banquet facility with a capacity of 80 people and has always been. This means anyone who wishes to rent our hall can come in prepare and cook and serve their meal using our kitchen.

Another slight but hugely significant change one might notice is the removal of all signage stating our water had a high sodium content and should be avoided by people on a low sodium diet. Health officials confirmed that there was more salt in one french fry than there was in a glass of water. Where these signs stating people on a restricted diet couldn’t drink our water was a mystery to them and were not issued by the city of Ottawa.

So there you have it great news.

If you're planning a birthday party, a celebration, a family reunion or even a wedding reception come on down to Galetta for your one stop shopping  (cost $25/hr for hall rental $25 charge to use the kitchen)

Thank you one and all.


Galetta Tribune May 2023

Emergency Preparedness Committee. At long last our EPC met with city officials to go over plans drawn up by their chairperson Ken and his committee and frankly the city officials were impressed. Turns out the city and the province are now only just starting to get their own plans drawn up which means Galetta is miles ahead of everyone else. It looks like it’s going to be a tough slog to go forward with anything our committee has put forward but we shall persevere and keep you posted.

Community Gardens.  We have submitted our plans for a community garden to the city officials and now we wait …..and we wait…….and we wait some more. It would be a shame to see this idea fall by the wayside because Grandma Laura has some great ideas like getting the tiny tots involved and the guides and embers and maybe spark an interest in the young ones to start their own garden if not now maybe in later years. Also ,come later in the summer offer canning and preserving lessons with the harvest from our own gardens to anyone who maybe interested. I have been tinkering with the idea of listing the Galetta Community Ass as a subsidiary of Volkswagen and see if we could tap into some of that $13 billion the governments are offering VW so we could finance our gardens.

Next meeting is May 29th at 7 PM because of the Victoria Day holiday.

Thank you Norm

Galetta Tribune March 2023

It’s hard to believe that your new executive is already four months into its term and has hit the ground running with several projects in the works.
The biggest and most complex project is making our community center available in case of disaster and working in conjunction with the West Carleton Disaster Relief Ass. I strongly urge anyone with any ideas, opinions or expertise to please come to our next meeting on March 27th at 7PM. and voice your opinion.


Kitchen Upgrade
One of the things that is hindering us the most is our kitchen and its need to be upgraded. Our secretary Emily has taken on this project and has found it not to be such a daunting task as one would think but still requires a lot of sweat equity. Huge thank you sent her way for all her hard work.
150th Celebration


Galetta is 150 years old. This little hamlet has an amazing and busy history and to celebrate we are going to have a birthday bash so stay tuned for an  interesting fun event.

Community Gardens
This project has been brought up before and stalled out but this time we have a force behind it. Our friendly neighbour Laura has taken this on and is willing to organize and spearhead this venture. Imagine in these days if high food prices being able to wander over to the gardens and pick fresh vegetables that you help grow under  Laura’s expertise. If this is successful there is the possibility of expanding to harvesting wild and domestic fruit and planting herbs and spices.

We receive a lot of our funding from the city of Ottawa but to receive these funds we have to prove to the city we are making an effort to raise money on our own.  Presently we do euchre tournaments during Feb and November and we also do the world-famous Great Galetta Garage Sale in October but we could and should change our fundraising model so it isn’t so labour-intensive.

There you have it folks busy days ahead lots to do and get involved with so each and everyone is invited to come to our next meeting MARCH 27TH at 7 PM and bring your ideas and opinions.

Thank you all
Norm R