Join the Galetta March Jam Session

Computer Course for Newbies

We are offering a computer course for beginners of all ages. We would like to limit the size of the class so as to offer a more one-on-one touch.

We are looking into acquiring Chromebooks for those that don’t have a laptop available (deposit will be required).

Please contact us at:   Leave your contact info and which evenings you would be available Course time will be approximately 5 hours and cost $60.

Galetta Rink Is Temporarily Closed

Like with the Rideau Canal, the season has not been favourable for making good ice on the Galetta rink.

With the current warm spell, our Galetta ice rink is closed until at least Saturday.


A New Board of Directors and Officers

A new Board of Directors for the Galetta Community Association was elected at our Annual General Meeting on Monday January 22, 2024.
Returning Board members are Norm Ross, Barb Jowett, Emily Bahm, Marsha MacGowan, Leah Dean, Peter Shoup and Pat Rose. Newly elected members are Julie Fergusson, Jim Fergusson, Rachel Brace, Andrew Skull, Sue Hierlihy and Terry Hierlihy.
The new Board has named the Officers of our Community Association: Norm Ross as President, Sue Hierlihy as Vice-President, Emily Bahm as Secretary, Peter Shoup as Treasurer and Terry Hierlihy as Chair.

New Constitution and ByLaws

Go HERE to see the current Galetta Community Association Constitution and By-Laws.

The Galetta Tribune January 2024


The Galetta Tribune

January 2024


That’s right people. We are the proud owners of a brand spanking new Constitution!  This is in large part due to the Herculean efforts of our own Peter Shoup and a major contribution from Graham Murray.  FYI this was not an exercise by Peter and Graham to show off their mental prowess but was decreed by the provincial government that each and every community association was to have their own constitution.  It was decided that because of our special circumstances that an off the shelf document would lead to more problems than solutions.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen we have finally entered the 21st century and as of Thursday January 11 we are to have Wi-Fi at the Galetta Community Centre.  This will allow us to offer courses and hopefully some more enhanced programs (i.e. robotics!). FORWARD HO!!!!


Calling all musicians and performers and those who just love to listen: mark this date on your calendar – January 21st at 2 pm is the first of hopefully many enjoyable jam sessions at the community centre. So bring your guitars, your ukuleles, your spoons, or whatever else you might play and join in and let's all have a grand time.

Julie has promised to bring a pot of her renowned chilli so for $5.00 we will be able to enjoy a bowl of chilli and a bun.

Annual General Meeting January 22nd

That's right on Mon the 22nd of this month we will be having the community association’s annual meeting. This is everyone's opportunity to pay your annual dues and vote for a new board to lead us onto newer and bigger and better adventures.

Thank you one and all.


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Community Association Executive

President: Norm Ross

Vice President: Sue Hierlihy

Treasurer: Peter Shoup

Secretary: Emily Bahm

Chair: Terry Hierlihy

Directors: Norm Ross, Barb Jowett, Emily Bahm, Marsha MacGowan, Leah Dean, Peter Shoup, Pat Rose, Jim Fergusson, Rachel Brace, Andrew Skull, Sue Hierlihy, Terry Hierlihy

Hall Rentals: Barb Jowett

Hall Maintenance: Norm Ross

Membership: Peter Shoup