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The Galetta Tribune - June 2024

The Galetta Tribune

June 2024


     This past May 25th Galetta teamed up with our sister communities of Fitzroy Harbour and Kinburn to have our first ever community yard sale. We in Galetta took advantage of the neighbours visiting and decided to have a bake sale at the same time and thanks to the efforts of an awful lot of people were able to raise $395 for our efforts. Thanks to the fine ladies who manned the booth that day they were able to raise $315 selling cakes, pies and cookies and squares of all sorts and raise a further $80 selling coffee tea and snacks. So cheers to all you good people for your donations and putting in the effort to make this such a success.

     Just a quick reminder that  our annual rummage sale is still going on this October 19th and 20th and all your donations will kindly be accepted except electronics (i.e. computers, monitors and such as we do not have the means to test them). So pull out that great big magic marker and circle those dates on your calendar.


     Once again we are bringing together all the peoples of West Carleton to kick back and relax at our Annual Gathering (Part II) on July 27th .Last year at our 150th Birthday Bash it was great to see the smiling faces and the expressions on people’s faces when they ran into old friends they hadn't seen in years. It  kinda made all the long hours and the sweat and tears worthwhile. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates on our web page or “ What’s up Galetta.” 


     A request has come to us from the Carp Community Association. They are hosting the Canadian Fastball Championship (men’s under 20) with approx 10 teams participating with a local team from Fitzroy taking part in the tournament. They are in need of volunteers to serve food and run the BBQ and this would be a great opportunity to watch some great ball and see how many burgers you can scarf down in one day. Also a portion of the proceeds will be paid out to the Galetta Community Association so this could be a great fundraiser for the GCA.


     Our walking trail that we have hidden behind the ice rink at the community centre should be just about dry enough that it will be usable but be warned there are parts of the path that are rather rough so good hiking boots are suggested and bring lots and lots of mosquito repellant.

B.E.S.S. (Battery Energy Storage System)

     I wish I could end this edition on a happy note but once again BESS is in the news and rearing its ugly head. I can only urge the good people of West Carleton to get informed and to support our local councillor in his fight against these facilities.




Community Yard Sales 25 May 2024

Thanks to everyone who donated baked goods and to all of the customers who came out to support Galetta, Fitzroy and Kinburn. Our first successful community collaboration!



The Galetta Tribune May 2024

Link here for the latest edition of The Tribune

BAKE SALE and Coffee & Tea

The Galetta BAKE SALE and Coffee & Tea will be held in conjunction with the Community Garage Sale on May 25th.

The Bake Sale hours at the Galetta Community Centre are 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Sat. 25th May .....rain or shine! Donations of baking are welcome and can be dropped off at the Galetta Community Centre on Friday, May 24th from 4 to 8:00 PM.

Any questions ...please contact Mary Shoup at 613-623-3562 or e-mail Thanks,

Looking for Bake Sale Donations

We would like to know how much interest there is from the community to provide baked goods for the planned Bake Sale.

We request that baking be packaged ready for sale and labelled (i.e.- Brownies, Lemon Squares, Pie etc.).

Please respond by May 1st to tell us if you will make a donation. If there is not enough interest, the bake sale will be cancelled.

Replies can be sent to or call Peter and Mary Shoup at 613-623-3562.


Galetta Lawn Bowling Club Has Voted To Disband

After 32 years of operation the Galetta Lawn Bowling Club has voted to disband. See the minutes of their final meeting {here}.


At the February meeting of members of the Galetta Community Association it was decided to hold member’s meetings every second month. Meetings of members for the rest of 2024 will be held on April 22, June 24, August 26 and October 28.  There will be no meeting in December.  Members may bring concerns or suggestions to the attention of the Board of Directors at any time by contacting Executive or Board members directly or emailing us from the contact page on our website

Meeting minutes are available by clicking HERE. 

Computer Course for Newbies

We are offering a computer course for beginners of all ages. We would like to limit the size of the class so as to offer a more one-on-one touch.

We are looking into acquiring Chromebooks for those that don’t have a laptop available (deposit will be required).

Please contact us at: .   Leave your contact info and which evenings you would be available Course time will be approximately 5 hours and cost $60.

New Constitution and ByLaws

Go HERE to see the current Galetta Community Association Constitution and By-Laws.

Councillor Kelly's News

The latest news from Councillor Kelly can be found at:

Earlier editions of "The Tribune"

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Rural Summit 2024 aims to address the unique challenges and opportunities encountered in our rural areas. Some background information on this Summit is found HERE.

A Rural Summit 2024 survey has been gather insights from rural communities. Your participation is important as it will help shape the content and focus of our ward-specific workshop scheduled for 1 June. This workshop will provide an opportunity for in-depth discussions on local issues and brainstorming solutions.

The outcomes of these ward workshops will be integral in shaping the agenda for the Rural Summit 2024, slated for November. Your input will directly contribute to the development of strategies aimed at enhancing the well-being and prosperity of our rural communities.

Your opinion matters. Please take a few moments to complete the survey using the link:


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